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SAC TOWN FANSONS !!! - NorCal Sweethearts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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SAC TOWN FANSONS !!! [Jul. 24th, 2004|07:45 pm]
[what im feeling |crushedcrushed]

hi people,...so i guess youve heard of international hanson meet up day. for any and all fansons out there in the sac town area (aka sacramento to stockton) please sign up for this so i can meet you wonderful people! please ?!? to tell you the truth, ive been really sad lately because of some heavy family drama in my life right now. it would seriously make it a whole lot easier if i could talk with people like me, who understand me. listening to hanson's music has helped me get through the tough days, and if i cant talk and confide in people who understand me and the music i listen to to be happy, then who else can i talk to?

u guys know the answer to that! you guys. all you great dedicated fansons out there are my lifeline!

i hope to see and be contacted by you all. jazmanwallz@yahoo.com

thankx for your love,.....jazmin