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do u know where they get their clothes (vintage clothes)? - NorCal Sweethearts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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do u know where they get their clothes (vintage clothes)? [Jul. 15th, 2004|05:17 pm]
[what im feeling |busy]
[soundtrack |Underneith - Hanson (track 6-13)]

hey guys,
its jazzercize here from sac town kali.

i was so inspired by hanson startgin their own company that i decided to start my own, except mine is going to be a clothing company. fyi - it will be called Salty Dolls Inc.

anyways,....since i practically worship hanson (PRACTICALLY!) and totally follow them and their fashion sence,....i was wondering if any of you can remember if maybe once they said in an article or interview where they shop, or what kinda of brands they mostly wear (i know isaac really likes a certain brand of suits that are quite expensive). or perhaps you can send me an article or give me the address of a website that might have someinfo that i'd need,....that would be great!

so, PLEASE email me with responces! i'd love to hear from you and that youve been following the fabulous hanson (+ the gorgeous isaac hanson). jazmanwallz@yahoo.com

thankx so much for your time,...

jazzercize wallz