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SAC TOWN FANSONS !!! [Jul. 24th, 2004|07:49 pm]
[what im feeling |hopefulhopeful]

the link for the HANSON meet up site is:


please join! i want to finally identify you with your face and name, and not your screen name.

im me on AIM if you have any problems or questions. saltydollsinc
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SAC TOWN FANSONS !!! [Jul. 24th, 2004|07:45 pm]
[what im feeling |crushedcrushed]

hi people,...so i guess youve heard of international hanson meet up day. for any and all fansons out there in the sac town area (aka sacramento to stockton) please sign up for this so i can meet you wonderful people! please ?!? to tell you the truth, ive been really sad lately because of some heavy family drama in my life right now. it would seriously make it a whole lot easier if i could talk with people like me, who understand me. listening to hanson's music has helped me get through the tough days, and if i cant talk and confide in people who understand me and the music i listen to to be happy, then who else can i talk to?

u guys know the answer to that! you guys. all you great dedicated fansons out there are my lifeline!

i hope to see and be contacted by you all. jazmanwallz@yahoo.com

thankx for your love,.....jazmin
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do u know where they get their clothes (vintage clothes)? [Jul. 15th, 2004|05:17 pm]
[what im feeling |busy]
[soundtrack |Underneith - Hanson (track 6-13)]

hey guys,
its jazzercize here from sac town kali.

i was so inspired by hanson startgin their own company that i decided to start my own, except mine is going to be a clothing company. fyi - it will be called Salty Dolls Inc.

anyways,....since i practically worship hanson (PRACTICALLY!) and totally follow them and their fashion sence,....i was wondering if any of you can remember if maybe once they said in an article or interview where they shop, or what kinda of brands they mostly wear (i know isaac really likes a certain brand of suits that are quite expensive). or perhaps you can send me an article or give me the address of a website that might have someinfo that i'd need,....that would be great!

so, PLEASE email me with responces! i'd love to hear from you and that youve been following the fabulous hanson (+ the gorgeous isaac hanson). jazmanwallz@yahoo.com

thankx so much for your time,...

jazzercize wallz
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BREAK !!! [Jun. 24th, 2004|10:41 pm]
[what im feeling |contentcontent]
[soundtrack |eHarmony.com]

so its official. cedric and i have taken an official break, not a break up, but a break. and this means not talking to each other for more than a week, not purposely tho.

so i guess im kinda availble, but not flaunting it. i may go on a couple of dates, but, it depends what mood im in. im not going to go for the first guy that shows interest in me cause then id be in trouble lol. im a free girl now, i can do as i please, and i am surely going to exsecute it as that.

im going to spend a lot of time with friends, and myself. i hope to write in my online journal daily to express how im feeling.

hopefully all this time to myself will really get my neurons pumping and i'll be able to think about what i want in the future. well i already know what i want, i just have to choose if this is the right person. i have to say that i wasnt the one that came up with this idea, but in the end it was the one that made more sense, and was better for both of us. i think that everyone in all kinda of relationships need time to think things out, no matter if they're just starting out, or if they've celebrated their 50th anniversary.

in the end, it'll give me time to think if this feels right to me. and if at the end of the time period it doesnt seem right, then i just wont go on with it. its as simple as that.

tata for now,....call me if you need a date.
AIM sn - saltydollsinc jazmanwallz@yahoo.com
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is it going to end soon? [Jun. 24th, 2004|03:09 pm]
[what im feeling |disappointeddisappointed]
[soundtrack |Outkast - Roses]

so,...im kinda going through something with my best friend, who used to be my boyfriend,...he still kinda is my boyfriend, but isn't. the best analogy i can explain it with is "its like we're married,...right now we're not divorced, just separated for the time being."

but a divorce may be looming over us,....i dont know.

so right now im kinda depressed, and i kinda need someone to talk to. at least someone to take my mind off things. so,..im gonna put myself out there again.

if anyone wants to chat or hang out,..im up by sac-town/elk grove/galt/stockton area. call me, im me on AIM, or email me. jazmanwallz@yahoo.com saltydollsinc - AIM sn

tata for now,...i hope to get many requests, lol.
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howdy [Jan. 4th, 2004|09:26 pm]
[what im feeling |creative]
[soundtrack |"Love Is Lies" - Buzzcocks]

Hello everyone out in sweetheart land! I'm popping the official *NorCal Sweethearts* cherry right now, woohoo! Well, I'm the boss of this here community so if you have any problem then kiss my ass or just ask me to fix them, whatever. Lattah kids [kisses]!
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